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Teatro Gerolamo of Milan as a partner location

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Today, we are very proud to announce that we can count Teatro Gerolamo in Milan among the partner locations of MAX&KITCHEN Catering.

Built in 1868, Teatro Gerolamo then had a total capacity of about 600 seats.

The construction company that took care of the construction of Teatro Gerolamo was the same one that was building the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, using scrap and reclaimed materials.

A “La Scala in miniature,” that’s how Teatro Gerolamo is considered for its internal composition and its beauty.

Throughout its history, the Theatre initially hosted puppet theatre and then a dialect theatre. Subsequently, various puppet theatre companies, recitals, cabaret performances, and small shows followed, bringing important protagonists of the national and international scene to the stage.

Towards the end of the ’90s, the management passed to Umberto Simonetta, who staged many of his own texts, marking the birth of a neo-Milanese more in line with the times.

Following the closure due to degradation reasons, Teatro Gerolamo was recovered. Afterward, it was made available to the city of Milan by a private initiative of Società Sanitaria Ceschina. The latter took care of the restoration works for the next six years. All this to preserve and recover as much as possible the original structure of the theatre. Today, Gerolamo has a total of 209 seats and numerous new spaces.


Teatro Gerolamo was created to be a theater “open to the citizens, to a diverse, curious, and devoted audience, in search of entertainment that is also a vehicle for culture, memory, and fun.

This quote exactly replicates the phrase found in the presentation of the artistic project on the official website of Teatro Gerolamo in Milan.

Indeed, the purpose is to invite all people interested in art and culture to come together.

Moreover, Teatro Gerolamo is the promoter of the cultural association “Piccoli Teatri Europei dell’Ottocento” (Small European Theatres of the Nineteenth Century). This association brings together Italian-style theatres with a capacity of fewer than two hundred seats, to promote the exchange of theatrical initiatives.

Thanks to Luisa Pisano of Luxover Communication, the contact for Teatro Gerolamo regarding private and corporate events, we were able to get in touch with this magnificent location and discover its wonder and its great historical and cultural significance.

To read more about the technical characteristics of Teatro Gerolamo in Milan as a partner location, you can visit the dedicated section on our website.