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Wedding and Covid

How to organize an intimate wedding after the lockdown: what solution should be found to get married safely in the times of Coronavirus and to propose an unusual wedding?

Distancing, gathering, masks are terms that are now part of our daily lives and will remain so for some time.

Italy, after months of lockdown, is recovering, but the sector that still remains stationary and without any indication is that of weddings: a market that moves an industry of almost 40 billion euros and that saw, in 2020, more than 50 thousand couples cancel or postpone their weddings.

Currently, celebrations are allowed only with a civil ceremony and in the presence of a few people, with due distancing and with masks that have now become a real must in our daily outfit. But, let’s face it, which bride would want to get married without a banquet, music, kisses, hugs, and an unforgettable party?

I like to think that love does not stop and precisely because I am convinced that every difficulty must be turned into a new opportunity, I want to talk about an alternative model to the traditional wedding: I would define it as an intimate wedding, but there is more.

Have you ever heard of elopement?

Do you remember the scene from the movie Sex and the City that ends with Carrie and Mr. Big running alone to city hall to get married? Well, this is an example of elopement! The English term to elope means to run away and, in this case, we use it to indicate a wedding with few guests or, for the more nonconformist, a wedding without guests. The elopement wedding is, in short, a real love escape like those in the movies that always make us dream so much!

Intimate wedding after the lockdown: what is the solution?

In this particular moment, where the wedding day must respect some precise rules, a romantic getaway could be a valid alternative. Moreover, it would give the opportunity to future couples to get married experiencing their most beautiful day in a truly unforgettable way.

The elopement wedding is, in short, a real love escape like those in the movies that always make us dream so much!

Even if it’s an intimate wedding, in the elopement wedding, nothing must be left to chance. By relying on true professionals in the field, the spouses can create a perfect escape in every detail. From the choice of the reception venue, a fundamental element for the wow effect, to the choice of dresses, from the floral arrangement to the photo service… everything must be taken care of in the smallest details, because only in this way can every bride’s dream be transformed into a wonderful reality.

Elopement Wedding: Which Destinations for an Intimate Runaway Wedding

There is no precise destination when it comes to elopement; the important thing is to choose a destination that reflects the couple, their essence, and that can speak of their love.

Some examples? Iceland with its landscapes full of contrasts made of sandy beaches and steep mountains or Montana, which offers couples the opportunity to experience an adventurous wedding, organized in a real treehouse in the heart of the forest.

And for couples who want a super romantic wedding to celebrate on a tropical beach, at sunset with only the sound of the waves in the background? Hawaii, Polynesia, or Thailand are perfect destinations for a wedding in Paradise.

The elopement wedding is a trend that does not necessarily concern foreign destinations; even in Italy, indeed, in our wonderful Lombardy, there are splendid locations ready to host intimate weddings… would you like to know which ones we at MAX&KITCHEN have selected for you? Follow us and you will find out very soon!

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