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TONY & GUY - Celebrate with Style and Taste in Milan

The acclaimed salon TONY & GUY chose MAX&KITCHEN Catering to bring to life a high-profile event in the fashion metropolis, Milan. The event took place at their exclusive store located on Via Turate, a place that welcomes elite clientele every day, making them feel pampered and appreciated.

The opening evening was no less. Tony & Guy, renowned not only for their commitment to hair fashion but also for their sense of style, extended the invitation to their most prestigious clients, celebrating together with the city’s most famous and talented hairstylist. The location, with its warm and minimalist design, offers a “premium” view of Milan, making the atmosphere even more exclusive and special.

The participation was significant, with over 200 guests in attendance. MAX&KITCHEN Catering prepared an excellent buffet, presenting a variety of finger foods, both savory and sweet, reflecting their dedication to quality and freshness. The choice to collaborate with them was motivated by their philosophy: the use of genuine and 100% organic ingredients. A special mention goes to their summer production: 80% of the vegetables used come directly from Max&Kitchen’s gardens, guaranteeing freshness and authenticity in every dish.

The event represented a perfect union between fashion, style, and gastronomy, further solidifying the relationship between TONY & GUY and their exclusive clientele.