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The perfect solution for company delivery

Why is Max&Kitchen’s DELIVERY CATERING the perfect solution for company delivery?

Max&Kitchen has chosen not to stop. For this reason, since the beginning of the lockdown, we have constantly worked to activate ourselves, to try to best meet the needs of our customers, finding the perfect solution for company delivery.

Why is DELIVERY CATERING the right solution? Simple: with this method, designed ad hoc and approved by the WHO, you can receive a sealed gastronomic proposal with complete traceability of the production process. All this is achieved through the creation of a Box for delivery, completely customizable, tailor-made, to meet all customer needs. Even the packaging is fully customizable with colors, logo, and company mood.

Our proposals have no limits to imagination and customization, because the goal of MAX&KITCHEN catering has always been to let our guests experience emotional catering. Not surprisingly, our claim is “custom-made emotions”. We can make your break unique as only Max&Kitchen knows how to do: by enveloping the senses.

We have chosen to stand by our customers, offering refined, elegant, and perfectly controlled catering, to ensure the highest level of safety. How do we assure it? We have developed a unique method: the SAFETY FOOD SERVICE. A service designed to maintain high quality, taste, and aesthetics, but at the same time guarantee maximum safety to our customers, in compliance with current regulations regarding COVID-19.

With our DELIVERY CATERING, you can send a message, sponsor an event, give visibility to your brand, organize catering in total safety. The options are multiple and are all designed to adapt to different requests and circumstances.

DELIVERY CATERING is Max&Kitchen catering’s proposal to allow customers to enjoy a meal in total and maximum safety!

Are you already thinking about how to make work perfect with your tailor-made catering?

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