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Event: Fuori Salone 2017

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

(George Moore)


From March 15 to April 30, Kitchen Restaurant opens its doors to FuoriSalone.

Kitchen Restaurant was established in 2009. Custom designed by Sergio Silvestri and complemented by Massimo Temporiti’s post-industrial design collection, this place embodies the experience of home and rediscovered tradition. Today, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, it frames the creations of Giulia Alli, Giulia Crotti, Lorenzo Bassotti, and Giuliano Cataldo Giancotti.

The Outward for the Return, the title of the event conceived by Kitchen Restaurant specifically for FuoriSalone, arises from a precise realization: the experience of travel as a return home.

Travel is not meant as an escape, but as an immersion into reality to find oneself. An urgency sometimes restless, sometimes certain to undertake a temporal and physical journey to rediscover one’s roots, tradition, and primitive manual gestures.

A journey across nature and city: nature as a chance to shape, to find oneself, one’s essential self, and the city as an expression of a broader identity, historical, cultural, projected forward.

Kitchen Restaurant is true cooking, it is craftsmanship, it is home. The environment wisely blends typical elements of industrial furniture (the concrete floor, the large lamps, the exposed systems, the finned tube radiators) with the warm, affectionate atmosphere of the home kitchen, allowing its guests to savor the flavors of Italian tradition, with the quality of zero-kilometer products. A distinctive feature: its genuine vegetable garden, which can be appreciated among the chestnut tables, the E. Jacobsen chairs (Series 7), and the carpet hand-painted by Silvestri himself.

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, Kitchen welcomes the works of four creatives, animated by a similar sensitivity. “Being able to return to a familiar place in the rebirth of oneself through matter, manual skill, tradition.” The Outward for the Return will be set up from March 15, in conjunction with the events of FuoriSalone, and will surround a sensory immersion in Italian tradition between design, art, creativity, and taste.

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