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The New Catering Delivery for Companies

SAFETY FOOD SERVICE: Our Zero-Contamination Catering Delivery System “After about two months of standstill, we are ready to restart. How can we meet the needs of our clients to give them (once again) the experience of tailor-made catering? With our new proposal of SAFETY FOOD SERVICE, the new system of catering delivery for companies.

This is a solution to stay alongside our clients. We offer our gastronomic proposals through the realization of a refined, elegant, and perfectly controlled catering service, in order to guarantee the highest level of safety.

The offer is always fully customizable. The philosophy of Max&Kitchen is indeed ‘custom-made emotions,’ because our goal is to make every event personal and exclusive through specialized consultation. The proposals of MAX&KITCHEN catering for appetizers, coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner can still be realized, with some adjustments regarding the new hygienic-sanitary provisions. In compliance with the current regulations regarding Covid-19, we have decided to continue offering menus designed ad hoc, tailor-made, to meet all the client’s needs. The packaging is fully customizable with colors, logo, and company mood.

With Safety Food Service, we at Max&Kitchen offer companies the opportunity to receive a DELIVERY CATERING that combines high quality and maximum safety in one solution.

Delivery Catering guarantees a zero-contamination catering service, through the implementation of a unique method. It is a system approved by the WHO, capable of ensuring the highest level of safety during the entire catering process, from production to delivery.

SAFETY FOOD SERVICE: the new system of catering delivery for companies

The company receives a completely sealed gastronomic proposal with complete traceability of the production path, all while maintaining high standards of quality, taste, and aesthetics.”