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REPOWER - Celebrates the Christmas Party

In the heart of Milan, the historic Officine del Volo served as the backdrop for a special event: REPOWER’s Christmas party. A much-anticipated occasion for the company’s 150 employees, who were welcomed into a truly magical setting.

The choice to rely on MAX&KITCHEN Catering was not random. The renowned Milanese catering is known for its dedication to quality and authenticity, characteristics that perfectly reflect the values of REPOWER. 80% of the vegetables used in the summer come directly from the gardens of MAX&KITCHEN, guaranteeing freshness and authentic flavor in every dish. Moreover, their philosophy is based on the exclusive use of 100% organic products, made in their laboratory, where every delight is prepared without the use of semi-finished products. The guarantee of never using dyes, additives, or artificial substances is reflected in the authentic taste and respect for tradition.

For the occasion, the table setting shone with a special light. At the center of each table stood a floral centerpiece, overshadowed by a red candle that spread a warm and welcoming light. The gold lamé tablecloth, along with the silver cutlery and dishes in fine bone china porcelain, added a touch of elegance and refinement, making the atmosphere even more special.

Every detail was taken care of with obsessive attention, reflecting the importance of the event and MAX&KITCHEN’s passion for perfection. A Christmas party that will remain etched in the memory of all participants, thanks to the masterful combination of tastes, atmospheres, and details taken care of in every aspect.

The collaboration between REPOWER and MAX&KITCHEN Catering has once again demonstrated that when professionalism, passion, and attention to detail come together, the result can only be extraordinary.