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Range Rover - Unveils its new model

The heart of Milan witnessed an extraordinary event when Range Rover presented its latest automotive masterpiece at the prestigious SALONE DEI TESSUTI. With over 800 guests in attendance, the event was a triumph, consolidating Range Rover’s position as a leader in the luxury automotive sector.

The setting chosen for this launch couldn’t have been more appropriate. The SALONE DEI TESSUTI, with its 1000 square meters of elegant and refined space, is one of the most exclusive locations in Milan. Nestled in a historic building from 1926, the place retains the essence of its prestigious past. It was once the historic headquarters of Galtrucco, and now, after careful restoration, it shines again in its original grandeur: from the oak floors to the stucco and marmorino columns, every corner reflects majesty and history.

MAX&KITCHEN Catering, with its renowned reputation for excellence and quality, was chosen to handle the culinary aspect of the event. Guests were welcomed with a luxurious buffet aperitif and an open bar, where they could taste delights prepared with the finest ingredients. The collaboration between Range Rover and MAX&KITCHEN didn’t stop there: the following day, journalists were pampered with a coffee break service and a light lunch, allowing them to reflect on the new model in a relaxed and refined atmosphere.

The event combined the best of two worlds: Range Rover’s automotive excellence and MAX&KITCHEN’s culinary art. This combination guaranteed an unforgettable experience for all attendees, cementing the reputation of both brands as leaders in their respective sectors.

In the world of exclusive events, the launch of Range Rover’s new model at the SALONE DEI TESSUTI in Milan will undoubtedly remain one of the highlights of the year.