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PIOMBO - New Fall/Winter Line

In the realm of fashion, where elegance meets taste, PIOMBO has chosen Max&Kitchen Catering Milan for the presentation of its new lines. The choice is not random: it’s the attention to detail, the passion for genuine products, and the guarantee of quality that make Max&Kitchen the ideal choice for a prestigious brand like PIOMBO.

Max&Kitchen’s Philosophy: The difference is in the details. The use of 100% organic ingredients, the self-production of 80% of the vegetables in the company gardens during the summer, and the completely internal production, without the use of semi-finished products, ensure that every dish served is a guarantee of authenticity and freshness. The total absence of colorants, additives, or any unnatural substance reflects a commitment to promoting a clean and genuine culinary offering.

The presentation took place at PIOMBO’s showroom on Via Bigli in Milan. A choice that reflects the elegance and exclusivity of the designer’s collections.

Max&Kitchen’s Promise: It’s not just about serving food. It’s about serving experiences. The ingredients used are carefully selected, always guaranteeing freshness and quality. From black pig meat to cows raised in Piedmontese pastures, every ingredient tells a story. Extra virgin olive oil from the Slow Food presidium, cheeses selected from various Italian regions, all contribute to creating unique and memorable dishes.

The process of creating the menu is highly personalized. It starts from a blank sheet, listening to the customer’s needs, tastes, and any allergies, building together a tailor-made offer, with a quote that reflects the quality and attention to detail.

In a world where authenticity is increasingly rare, Max&Kitchen stands out as a bastion of genuineness and passion, making it the ideal choice for exclusive events like the presentation of PIOMBO’s new lines.