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Fonderia Napoleonica sala interna

Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia

Address: Via Thaon di Revel, 21 – Milano

Maximum capacity: –

Number of rooms: 3

Hidden among the historic streets of Milan, the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia represents a fusion of industrial history and modern charm. This unique location, with its iron structures and high ceilings, offers an evocative atmosphere for any event. With MaxandKitchen Catering Milan, the Foundry transforms into a stage where gastronomy becomes the protagonist. Our experience in banqueting catering perfectly complements the industrial and artistic soul of the Foundry, ensuring that every event is as charming as it is delicious. Whether you are planning a product launch, a wedding, or a gala dinner, MaxandKitchen will turn every occasion into an unforgettable moment.

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