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Moscot Celebrates a Century: A Memorable Anniversary

The centenary of Moscot, an iconic eyewear brand with historical roots, was celebrated in grand style at the Officine del Volo, on the outskirts of Milan. A location that combines modernity and history, perfect to pay homage to a century of tradition and innovation.

The environment of the Officine del Volo was transformed for the occasion. A bold and meaningful design choice involved the use of 100 pallets, expertly arranged to construct a majestic buffet, evoking a vintage atmosphere in line with Moscot’s historical legacy.

Max&Kitchen, known for its attention to detail and skill in setting up high-profile events, took care of every aspect of the event. Their expertise ensured that every element, from the food to the setting, reflected the elegance and sophistication that Moscot has embodied for a century.

Guests were welcomed into an atmosphere that blended the ancient charm of the Officine with Moscot’s distinctive character. The rich and varied buffet offered culinary delights that reflected the essence of a brand that has always known how to look forward while maintaining its roots firmly.

The 100th anniversary of Moscot was not just a celebration of a historic brand, but an event that united tradition and modernity, history and future, in an unforgettable evening.