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MENTADENT, a brand of the UNILEVER group, has chosen MAX&KITCHEN Catering in Milan for the realization of its event at the Terme di Milano. Our catering proposal stands out for the use of genuine and 100% organic products. During the summer, 80% of the vegetables come directly from the gardens of Max&Kitchen. Each product is prepared in our laboratory, where everything is made avoiding the use of semi-finished products. Moreover, MAX&KITCHEN is committed to not using colorants, additives, or substances other than natural ones.

The Terme di Milano are located in one of the most charming and ancient liberty structures of the city. Initially built as a depot and station by the Azienda Trasporti Milanese at the end of the nineteenth century, the structure was subsequently converted into a recreational club for employees. From the 1950s, the building became known as “the golden spider,” following the award given during the singing competition organized in the theater inside it. A fascinating detail of the place is its garden, surrounded by the ancient Spanish walls erected between 1548 and 1562.