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LIGHTS and ATMOSPHERE: Lighting Design

Max&Kitchen CATERING leaves nothing to chance. Good food deserves the right atmosphere. This is where the wise use of lights and sounds comes into play. These new experiences lead guests to experience more than just “eating”. In creating the “CATERING EXPERIENCE”, the guest also becomes an active spectator of a true sensory journey. The lighting design involves and makes the customer perceive a reality amplified by the dish.

Light plays a fundamental role: Max&Kitchen CATERING has relied on designer Filippo Martini to create 5 different solutions. For example, buffet setups that complete and enhance the environment. Significant scenographies with lights synchronized to music. Sound, smoke, and music effects for private parties. Service for large events.

We rely on experts to make events unique. The technicians help us best balance color and intensity. Today, LED has made our job easier. Lamps, lifts, and other accessories become an integral part of the setup. Often, light can transform the environment. And it is this transformation that we study for a true catering experience. We use light to enhance our work or to support a brand, a logo, or the theme of the evening.