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MAX&KITCHEN: The Art of Catering and Banqueting in Milan

The city of Milan, cradle of fashion and innovation, is also a city of great culinary tradition and passion for good food. Among its streets, historical buildings, and modern avenues, a unique gastronomic reality arises: MAX&KITCHEN. This company is not just a catering service, but a true culinary experience, a journey through Italian flavors and traditions, reinterpreted with skill and originality.

Behind MAX&KITCHEN, there is a key figure: Massimo Temporiti. His passion for cooking does not come from training courses or specialization schools, but from the heart. Massimo is a true artisan of the kitchen, someone who understands the essence of each ingredient and knows how to make it shine in every dish. With a career spanning over two decades, Temporiti has honed his skills, combining tradition and innovation, creating dishes that are an ode to authentic flavors.

But what makes MAX&KITCHEN so special?

1. Artisanal Art: Each dish is a creation, a work of art made with dedication and love. There are no shortcuts, only genuine ingredients and techniques refined over time.

2. Passion: Beyond technique, there is enthusiasm. Massimo’s cuisine is an expression of joy, a celebration of what nature and tradition offer.

3. Innovation and Tradition: While remaining true to Italian roots, MAX&KITCHEN is not afraid to experiment, bringing forward a modern vision of traditional cuisine.

4. Customization: Every event is unique. Whether it’s a small business lunch or a large wedding banquet, MAX&KITCHEN listens, adapts, and creates, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for a catering and banqueting service that goes beyond mere service, that offers a culinary journey and is driven by passion and expertise, MAX&KITCHEN is the answer. With Massimo Temporiti at the helm, every occasion becomes a moment of pure gastronomic pleasure.

Max: My Story

MAX: I am Massimo Temporiti, the founder of MAX&KITCHEN. My catering project was born with the goal of offering companies and individuals in Milan convivial moments of pure palate pleasure, without forgetting the importance of health and well-being.

MAX IN THE KITCHEN: I began my journey in the kitchen during my years of study at the hotel institute, in authentic “schools” of classic cuisine like the Hotel Bellevue in Cogne. Here, pasta was prepared from wheat grains, and desserts were made with genuine ingredients like flour, eggs, butter, and mountain fruit. My adventure then took me to Michelin-starred restaurants like Aimo and Nadia, where I was in charge of the main courses, and Peck, where I served as Sous Chef. I also had the opportunity to work in renowned luxury hotels like the Palace in Saint Moritz. My training was completed with an immersion in the world of pastry at Nobu, a place that has left an indelible mark on the restaurant industry, in addition to periods of deepening in France at Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.

MAX THE DOCTOR: After acquiring a solid practical foundation, I felt the need to deepen my knowledge of what lies behind the scenes of catering, understanding principles of healthy eating and technology. That’s why I earned a degree in “Science and Technology of Catering”. For some years now, I have been putting my skills at the service of various entities as a consultant in the world of food.