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What should we expect in the post-Covid period?

We are living through one of the most important moments in contemporary history. From now on, our reality will be divided into two major periods: pre-Covid and post-Covid, which will be constantly referred to when looking at the differences that are marking our world. Things are changing (or maybe have already changed), but the real questions each of us is asking are: what will become of the catering sector? How is the world of catering changing? What should we expect once the emergency is over?

We are certainly facing a change in the sector, a realization by more and more companies that are now aware that nothing is certain and that we all need to be more versatile and willing to transform and open up to new things.

When we used to think of ‘catering’, it evoked many ideas in us, all related to the sphere of conviviality, of being together, of the joy of seeing each other and sharing moments (both in the corporate and private sectors), all accompanied by quality, genuine gastronomic proposals. In short, it was the perfect opportunity to spend a few hours in serenity, together with friends and colleagues, enjoying what we like most.

Today, when we think of catering, the risk is feeling overwhelmed by confusion. We increasingly ask ourselves: ‘how can I organize an event for my company without running the risk of contagion?’ or ‘how can I do catering while respecting safety measures?’

“How is the world of catering changing?

The answer is there, and it lies in adapting to the measures imposed on us, but which are truly revolutionizing our way of life. It is still possible to organize an event, adhering to specific norms that, yes, protect us, but are not synonymous with real detachment. We can still feel close, even a meter apart.

The real challenge today is to realize that conviviality is not a concept in opposition to distance. Being together does not mean being attached, but spending time in company, respecting norms that can still be guaranteed by services such as delivery, on one hand, but also by spacious and compliant locations.

Events are still a possibility, and the catering sector is not at risk of extinction. We, the professionals in the sector, can reinvent ourselves, structuring catering in an innovative way and making it even better than before, proposing different solutions depending on the occasions, and that are in line with the proposals and requests made to us.

We must not be discouraged. The secret is to leverage our experiences, our knowledge, and techniques to act with awareness, putting ourselves on the front line. Only in this way can we still give life to an event that is an expression of conviviality.

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