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How can we counteract the fear of COVID-19?

How can we counteract the fear of COVID-19? During these months of COVID-related closures, there have been various speculations about possible solutions for safe catering. Some have predicted a potential collapse of the catering sector, while others have sought creative solutions for organizing events without gatherings, with groups of 15 or 20 people.

Before the start of “Phase 2,” the government adopted some measures to address the difficulties faced by workers in Italy, but these measures are not sufficient to support such a vast sector with a significant workforce.

Some companies and organizations have taken action to make their voices heard. On May 1st, ANBC Genova launched the #iosonoglieventi petition, calling on the Prime Minister to pay attention to the catering sector, which is particularly affected by restrictions that drastically limit opportunities for gatherings. The petition calls for a dialogue with the government to find solutions that ensure the safety of Italians without jeopardizing the catering and events sector.

The truth is that there are currently no certainties about the safety measures that will be adopted in our sector.

However, one thing is certain: we can restart if we are willing to take action. We must seek opportunities, invest in new ideas, and adapt to changes. The world has changed, and our sector has two choices: evolve or disappear out of fear of change.

How can we reactivate ourselves? We must plan our recovery seriously and safely, developing hygiene and safety protocols suitable for catering that are responsible and concrete. Sanitizing environments is just the first step towards a series of measures that will ensure safe service to our customers, encouraging them to return with us.

Delivery could be a path to recovery. Although it is often associated with the food sector, it can also be a perfect solution for catering and events. We can customize delivery by creating tailored boxes for specific needs and occasions.

Every sector is made up of thinking individuals, and now more than ever is the time to show our willingness to act. The passion, strength, and creativity that characterize us can make us emerge as leaders in this time of uncertainty.

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