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FIPE GUIDELINES for catering


On May 26, 2020, FIPE (Italian Federation of Public Establishments) sent a circular containing some important NEWS in the Catering-Banqueting sector. FIPE has defined new GUIDELINES to safely carry out buffet catering services. If before it was totally excluded the possibility of organizing catering in buffet mode, and only the presence of staff to person was required (or almost), today we have a first glimmer of light. We are talking about reintroducing the buffet mode for our catering, although self-service consumption remains excluded.

“It will be possible to organize a buffet mode through administration by appointed staff, excluding the possibility for customers to touch what is displayed and providing in any case, for customers and staff, the obligation to maintain distance and the obligation to use the mask to protect the respiratory tract,” writes General Manager Roberto Calugi in the official document that was sent to us by email.

In summary:

  • YES to the BUFFET;
  • YES to SERVICE WITH OPERATOR: only the operator can come into contact with food and dishes;
  • NO DIRECT CONTACT OF CUSTOMERS with the food on the buffets;
  • YES to RESPECTING SAFETY DISTANCES: at least one meter of distance between operator and customer.


Regarding the use of air conditioning systems, there are some doubts. It was strictly forbidden to set up air recirculation for these systems. Today it seems that there are some doubts related to the use of this technology. On one hand, indeed, air conditioning systems can be used, provided that the absolute and correct “cleaning of the recirculation air filters to maintain adequate filtration/removal levels” is guaranteed. On the other hand, it seems to be more accepted (as well as considered safer) the idea of promoting natural air exchange, without the need to use any type of system. This latter mode must be absolutely reinforced and must be seen as mandatory, totally excluding the air recirculation function, if there was the possibility.

“Yesterday, May 26, 2020, we received news. It seems that new FIPE GUIDELINES have been developed for the catering sector.”

“Yesterday, May 26, 2020, we received news. It seems that new FIPE GUIDELINES have been developed for the catering sector.”

This information was given to us in preview, but will be officially made public in the new DPCM that will be enacted before June 3.

For some information about the measures taken by us at MAX&KITCHEN catering to face the Covid-19 Emergency and how we have activated to guarantee taste and safety to our customers, visit the website.