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WHAT IS IT? Expo Milano 2015, in addition to being a universal exposition, represents a participatory process that involved numerous entities around the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. From May 1 to October 31, 2015, for 184 days of the event, over 130 participants were present. The exhibition site developed over an area of one million square meters, ready to welcome over 20 million expected visitors.

THE JOURNEY INTO FLAVORS Visitors were involved in thematic paths dedicated to the intricate world of food, to the flavors and traditions of people from all over the world. Expo Milano 2015 had the honor of being the first exposition in history to make a significant contribution to the debate and education about food, nutrition, and resources globally. These thematic itineraries told the stories of Expo Milano 2015: narratives of food, tables, and taste. They were both physical and conceptual paths, as they followed the common thread of a specific theme, modulated based on visitors’ interests.

THE MASCOT: FOODY Foody is the mascot of Expo Milano 2015: it embodies the fundamental themes of the event. Foody is sincere, wise, respectful, and a lover of healthy and good cuisine. It represents community, diversity, and food as a source of life and energy. The mascot is made up of eleven elements, each with distinct characteristics and personalities, which together create a Unique Face. They symbolize the synergy between the countries of the world called to respond with energy and positivity to global challenges on food. Foody’s components are: Guagliò – The garlic, Arabella – The orange, Josephine – The banana, Gury – The watermelon, Pomina – The apple, Max Mais – The blue corn, Manghy – The mango, Rodolfo – The fig, Piera – The pear, Rap Brothers – The radishes, Chicca – The pomegranate.

MILAN IS FASHION Milan is known in Italy and the world as the capital of fashion. Walking through via Montenapoleone or via della Spiga, the beating hearts of the “fashion quadrilateral”, is a must-have experience. The main tourist attractions are: La Scala, the Piccolo Teatro, the Last Supper, the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Duomo, and the Sforza Castle.

INFO & CONTACTS Through the following site, you can take a tour of the main Italian tourist attractions: For information, two points have been established:

InfoMilano in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – corner of piazza della Scala IAT Counter Central Station – Departure Gallery, track 21 side. Logo Max&Kitchen catering

MAX&KITCHEN CATERING MAX&KITCHEN Catering is the company that best interprets the theme and philosophy of EXPO 2015: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. WHY? The gardens managed by Max’s family produce without chemical substances and supply exclusively the Kitchen restaurant ( and the catering. In addition to vegetables, other ingredients also come from small producers. The meat is fresh, with black breed pork and cows from the Piedmontese pastures protected by the consortium. The extra virgin oil comes from the Slow food presidium – Convento di Siloe. The cheeses are from the mountain dairies of Gressan (AO), from the aging caves of Gaeta, from the marble basins of Massa, or from the straw and ash of Bormio. Contact our catering for more information and a quote. At the restaurant, instead, you can taste and learn about our dishes.