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G.H. MUMM CHAMPAGNE has entrusted the realization of its event to MAX&KITCHEN Catering in Milan, at the famous SPAZIO CASTAGNA. This location was born thanks to Carlo Castagna with the purchase of the prestigious workshop “Ferrari”, heir to the even more famous “Mainetti & Orseniga”. In this place, for over a century, carriages were produced for aristocratic families and European royals. This activity continued until the collaboration with the company Ottolini and Ricordi, importers for Italy of Benz quadricycles, for the realization of the first carriages moved by combustion engines.

The choice of our catering is motivated by the use of 100% organic genuine products. In summer, 80% of the vegetables come from the gardens of max&kitchen. Everything is produced in our laboratory where we create every dish without the use of semi-finished products. MAX&KITCHEN never uses colorants, additives, or substances other than natural ones. Max&Kitchen: Our ingredients are truly healthy, tasty, and checked. Our farm produces exclusively for our catering and restaurant – We offer seasonal vegetables with a unique flavor. The meat is fresh: the pork meats are of black breed and the cows come from the protected Piedmontese pastures of the consortium. We use extra virgin oil from the Slow Food presidium – Convento di Siloe. Our cheeses come from the mountain dairies of Gressan (AO), from the aging caves of Gaeta, from the marble basins of Massa, or from the straw and ash of Bormio. The menu starts from a blank sheet: we listen to the needs, tastes, any allergies and then, together with the customer, we prepare the quote. Customization is the most important ingredient.