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Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Catering is not simply a “restaurant” at your home. It is a food service provided outside of a traditional restaurant setting. We offer this service to both individuals and businesses, even in locations not traditionally set up for food preparation and consumption. We provide everything you need: from the food to the dishes, wine, and chairs. At the end, we leave everything in order, taking away everything, from dirty dishes to trash.

For me, catering represents creativity and service. With each request, I create tailor-made solutions and address any issues on-site for the client, ensuring a unique and personalized service.


Yes, in general, catering can cost more. This is because a catering service is like having an entire restaurant dedicated to you, brought to your desired location. While in a restaurant, costs are shared among all customers, catering involves greater complexity and responsibility, such as transporting all the equipment and staff to the location, setting up the event, and ensuring the quality of food and service in various contexts.

You can use our contact information to get in touch with one of our operators, who will provide you with all the necessary information.

MENU: The choice of dishes affects the cost of ingredients and preparation time. NUMBER OF PEOPLE: The price adjusts to the number of guests, but it’s not a simple multiplication. LOCATION: Ease of access and available facilities can influence costs. TYPE OF SERVICE: A buffet lunch might cost differently from a sit-down table service. SET-UP STYLE: The choice of materials, decorations, and details will impact the final price.

Catering involves the provision of food and beverages for large events, while banqueting focuses on the organization and presentation of the event itself. Although they are often used interchangeably, they have slightly different nuances.

Relying on a catering company like ours means leveraging over 20 years of experience. We handle all the details, from permit management to food safety, ensuring a seamless event.