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MAX&KITCHEN CATERING MILANO, alongside companies to support them in communication during events, through food, with quality and elegance. Max&Kitchen becomes a partner in the growth of its clients by providing added value with its strengths. Ethics, eco-sustainability, versatility, and a strong aesthetic sensitivity.


MAX&KITCHEN CATERING MILANO, sensitive to aesthetic elegance, collaborates with luxury brand creatives, allowing them to communicate their message through taste. Food, tableware, and every detail become an integral part of the emotion the designer wants to convey. Shapes and flavors become an interpretation of the message.

Private Parties

MAX&KITCHEN offers personalized catering services to transform small and large occasions into memorable events. It is important for us to listen to your needs, which, combined with our expertise, create unique experiences.


MAX&KITCHEN CATERING MILANO supports its clients worldwide. Through aesthetics and high-quality cuisine, it adds value to the presentation of their brand in the market. Alongside large Italian and international companies, it has been an added value in conveying messages of quality, elegance, and innovation for years.



Starting from listening to every request of the spouses, we study original and innovative solutions that move away from the usual clichés of weddings to create a new and unexpected experience that will make “your day” unique. Max&Kitchen Catering Milano will be an artisan in creating your wedding tailor-made.