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MAX&KITCHEN CATERING-BANQUETING, your trusted choice for catering services in Milan. As a leading catering company in the region, we specialize in high-quality catering and banqueting for every type of event. Whether it’s a large corporate event or an intimate gathering, our catering and banqueting service is designed to impress. With a wide range of catering menus and banqueting menu options, we take pride in being among the best catering companies in Milan. In addition to catering, we also offer corporate banqueting services and event catering in Milan. Our passion for excellence is reflected in every dish we serve, ensuring that your event is memorable. Whether you’re looking for banqueting services, corporate catering in Milan, or event catering banqueting, MAX&KITCHEN CATERING-BANQUETING is your one-stop solution. Let our team of experts turn your next event into an unforgettable culinary experience.

"The Story of Passion and Mastery Behind Max&Kitchen Catering-Banqueting Milano"

Max&Kitchen Catering-Banqueting Milano is born from the passion and experience of Massimo Temporiti, a culinary artisan and passionate creator of taste and flavors. For over 20 years, we have been organizing prestigious events for companies and individuals, believing that catering is an art form.


Operational Headquarters

Address: Via Della Chiesa Rossa 109, 20142, Milano (MI)


Administrative Headquarters

Address: Via Nicola Palmieri 72, 20141, Milano (MI)


Phone. 0291761040

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Catering Service and Location in Milan

MAX&KITCHEN Catering-Banqueting Milano is a company born from the passion and experience of Massimo Temporiti, a culinary artisan with a deep passion for creating unique tastes and flavors. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the company specializes in organizing prestigious events for both companies and private clients, considering catering as an art that requires experience, passion, and creativity.

MAX&KITCHEN Catering-Banqueting Milano offers a complete service that accompanies the client from the planning phase to the realization of the desired event. The company provides a “turnkey” service, organizing a wide range of events, including aperitifs, coffee breaks, lunches, gala dinners, buffets, and more. Additionally, MAX&KITCHEN offers the option of exclusive locations for events.

One of MAX&KITCHEN’s strengths is the use of 100% organic ingredients sourced from their own farm. Furthermore, they offer a certified gluten-free kitchen, ensuring a diverse range of dietary options to meet the needs of all clients.

In summary, MAX&KITCHEN Catering-Banqueting Milano is committed to providing high-quality services and creating unforgettable culinary experiences for its clients, based on values such as experience, passion, and creativity.

Your Tailor-Made Catering

Your Customized Catering: Imagination, professionalism, top quality, prestigious locations are the essential ingredients we use to make your catering an unforgettable experience: a delight for both the eyes and the palate.

Your desires, even the most visionary, are translated into a targeted proposal, through the interpretation of your personality, meeting your needs while always respecting the characteristics of the location. Every event for us is a new challenge: receptions, aperitifs, baptisms, buffets, lunches, and much more.

MAX&KITCHEN Catering-Milan is always by your side with suggestions, guidance, consultancy, and a “turnkey” service. Especially today, entrusting your events to experienced and qualified partners is an indispensable requirement. That’s why MAX&KITCHEN Catering-Banqueting Milano is a supplier that listens and commits to giving the utmost importance to every event. Why not experience the difference?

Wedding Service - The Wedding of Dreams

Love and passion outline the boundaries around which our catering project is born: you at the center and our experience and imagination around it. For this reason, we will be by your side on your wedding day as well. We will be happy to tell your love story in a new and exciting way, through food.

For this special day, MAX&KITCHEN Catering-Banqueting Milano will fulfill your wishes, crowning the most important event of your life with taste and charm. All while guiding you in the most important choices: location, cuisine, gourmet finger food, atmosphere…

MAX&KITCHEN Catering-Banqueting Milano is 100% organic and certified for gluten-free cooking by AIC: for your gluten-free weddings.

Your dream wedding signed by MAX&KITCHEN, to experience gourmet emotions within magical locations.